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Feedback & Suggestions

Feature requests?
Noticed any errors?
Itching to see that one album you love on the wiki?

Please let us know! We appreciate feedback a lot, and always want to make this site better.

There are five main channels you can reach the dev through:

  • HSMusic Community Discord Server - The official Discord, and a friendly place to drop feedback or discuss the wiki. (We also share sneak peeks of the coming updates here frequently!)
  • HomestuckXYZ - A public forum thread for the wiki.
  • Twitter - DMs for discussion or feedback are open! (It might go a while unnoticed, though - the site only indicates message requests when it's manually checked, and we're pretty terrible at remembering to do that!)
  • Mastodon - Same as birdsite but a moderately less terrible platform :)
  • Email - it's towerofnix at gmail dot beans! (Same domain everyone else uses.) Old-fashioned, but personally our favorite of them all, and certainly practical if you're sending a longer-form message.

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback!