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Contributor Credits

Thank you for catching data errors and sharing fixes: Celeste, Cello, Comfy, cookiefonster, deesoff, foreverFlummoxed, Geese, Gibus Wearing Brony, GiovanH, HermitCyclop, leo60228, Makin, Megatti, Mixolydian, MT Argentum, nanaian, Niklink, nuclear333, Sgeo, Vortexius, and anonymous email authors.

Thank you for suggesting and sharing albums to be added to the wiki: Circlejourney, Home Guy, Niklink, (a ton of other people here).

  • Celeste: Dedicated and close-attention review of much content across the wiki, especially art tags and commentary.
  • foreverFlummoxed: Active on the wiki's original HomestuckXYZ forum thread (and in Discord ever since), has contributed much to the finer details of wiki data! Notably:
  • koba: Spearheading and contributing immensely to the project of bringing Cool and New Music Team to the music wiki, and a variety of other changes and valuable feedback!
  • leo60228 (vriska): Creating the awesome music library utility hsmusicifier, and various data fixes and additions, including initial album data for DELTARUNE Chapter 2 OST and more.
  • Niklink: A wide variety of improvements and support across areas of wiki development, and lots of valuable feedback! Notably:
    • tons of contributions and additions working with wiki data files, including newly bringing many albums to the wiki and implementing fixes caught and shared by members of the wiki community
    • extensive lyric reviews and additions across both official and fan albums
    • wallpaper and banner contributions for many album layouts
    • many various data contributions

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