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Slow Dancing in the Clockwork Hall

track cover

track cover

By sunsprite ( Twitter ).
Released 6/12/2021.
Duration: 2:24.

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Tracks that Slow Dancing in the Clockwork Hall references:

Artist commentary:


This is the last of my three tracks on the album, and it's a cute little orchestral Clockwork Melody arrangement about Dave's and Rose's journey.

Didn't think I would do this. Moreover, I didn't really do orchestral stuff before.

Clockwork Melody is one of my favorite leitmotifs in Homestuck, and I like to play it on every occasion I get on any instrument I get my hands on. It made sense that I'd want to make a full arrangement of it.

So I went with the flow, and here's that. I really like what came out of this.

*Btw, it might be easy to spot that James Roach's work on Hiveswap OST was quite an inspiration there.

*Shoutout to Ableton devs for "Capture MIDI" feature. It's when you jam along with the song, play a cool part, but then realize you weren't recording it and won't be able to do it once again. The button captures this part back as if it was recorded. This such a great way to write complex stuff without the usual pressure of arranging or recording. Such a killer feature!

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