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By Princey The Kid.
Cover art by Caliboner.
Released 12/15/2013.
Duration: 4:25.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Artist commentary:

Princey The Kid:

It's a battle for dominance between Caliborn and Calliope.


All I really have to say is that I have never worked as diligently on any art piece, as I have on this. I spent, what, two months psychoanalyzing a painting of a skull, covered in blood. I had several friends critique it through the process, and eventually ended up with this.

I knew it has a hance to be used as cover art in the next LOFAM, which made me sort of sheepish toward the end because I realized that the fan albums are a big deal, which lead me to submitting it a bit later than I had hoped, because I became nervous.

As for the actual song, after listening to it 164 times on my counter, I have realized that I still love the song as much as I did the first time I listened to it.

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