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track cover

By FrostyMac ( SoundCloud , YouTube , Twitter ) .
Released 9/11/2022.
Duration: 2:53.

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Tracks that Prologue references:

Artist commentary:


I thought I'd go with some basic chords in the lydian scale to start with, with each chord panned in the opposite direction to make it feel floaty. Or voidy, if you will. Then, the percussion and bass come in. The percussion is a slowed and pitched-down LoFi drum, because I just think it sounds cool, and fits the overall tone.

There's a short transition bar that introduces some strings and leads into the second half (give or take) of the track. It's the main Friendsim motif, but something is just slightly... off. Specifically, on the second repetition, the last couple bars are in a minor key rather than the usual major, with the exception of one background synth that plays the original chords, giving it a discordant, almost strained sound. As I'm sure you can guess, this is alluding to the whole "things aren't how you left them" thing. Another repetition, but this time the last two bars are a certain recognizable motif, leading into the outro, which quotes Embittered Shore from LOFAM2, which is the track that plays during the PesterQuest finale. Presumably, the track would then loop.

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