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Basement Tale

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By Cecily Renns johnjrenns Bandcamp user-621444340 SoundCloud YouTube YouTube CecilyRenns Twitter johnjrenns Twitter CecilyRenns Patreon.
Cover art by Makin.
Released 10/15/2016.
Duration: ~37:01.

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  1. (1:26) In the Beginning
  2. (1:59) Doomsday Strife
  3. (2:44) cool and new Jungle (Alpha Mix)
  4. (0:26) Battle Against a Boring Foe
  5. (1:57) Fragments
  6. (1:22) Battle Against an Average Foe
  7. (6:53) Basement Tale
  8. (1:56) Argia
  9. (2:06) Energeia Strife
  10. (7:20) Deus Tres Sanctoro
  11. (2:54) Cools and News
  12. (5:58) Meldey

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Artist commentary:

Cecily Renns:

Basement Tale but it has my commentary on top of it, on topics such as music, storytelling and 42


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