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album cover

Exceptis Excipiendis

By Kal-la-kal-la (SoundCloud, Tumblr, Twitter).
Cover art by Ephemerald (Tumblr).
Released 8/5/2020.
Duration: ~57:46.

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  1. (6:12) Basement Window
  2. (4:15) Under The Earth
  3. (4:18) Coruscate
  4. (3:23) My Folks
  5. (5:25) 97
  6. (4:41) Arbroath
  7. (6:08) Without Eyes
  8. (3:08) Maine
  9. (5:07) Fishhead
  10. (3:52) Prana Ferox
  11. (6:13) Song For King Arthur
  12. (5:04) Vernal Equinox

Added to wiki 10/10/2020.

Artist commentary:


Songs about what happened and what didn't.

For Neil, Silver, Grace, Lexy, Taylor, James. Sam, Jes, Cayleigh, Cynthia, Adam, SplitSuns, Melody, Liam, Jolyne, Clark, Austin, Ana, Alex, Zane, Yuji, tinyds, TwitchyTyrant, JJR, Cryptanark, interrobang, Isabella, cookiefonster, Lea, Beck, Ola, Xizzy, Marie, assorted birds of prey, artists and iconoclasts, and other once, now and future beloveds. For the meek who shall inherit the Earth, and for my ever-tolerant flatmates. Much love all queers from here to the end of all things. Sorry for being a sap.

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