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Faux Dramatica

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By Rom M Other romm Bandcamp rommandel SoundCloud dissectumusic1 SoundCloud Spotify Spotify YouTube YouTube rom_mandel Instagram.
Cover art by Tzarkaiser.
Released 5/12/2023.
Duration: ~46:29.

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Main album: (~43:14)
  1. (2:25) Lament For A Dying Planet
  2. (4:35) Too Slow
  3. (3:42) Sillygoofysillygoofy (Ft. Andrea Libman)
  4. (3:49) Carnage Carnival
  5. (4:07) Dustcatcher Redux (Ft. Pylon) by Rom M and Pylon
  6. (4:21) Bite The Hand That Feeds You
  7. (6:00) Turncoat
  8. (8:11) Requiem For A Dying Planet (Ft. The Emek Hefer Choir) by Rom M and The Emek Hefer Orchestra
  9. (6:04) Naught
Bonus track: (3:15)
  1. (3:15) COGNITO HAZARD (Ft. Eddie Deezen)

Added to wiki 10/25/2023.

Artist commentary:

Vast Error:

"We are, all of us, haunted — pursued down dim corridors by beasts who knew our names before birth. Wouldn't you like to stop running? Wouldn't you like the nightmares to end?"

(Announcement trailer and premiere stream.)

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