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By Kusoro kusoro Bandcamp kusoro-laventer SoundCloud YouTube YouTube.
Cover art by ackro.
Wallpaper art by ackro and Makin (edits for wiki).
Banner art by ackro and Makin (edits for wiki).
Released 10/25/2017.
Duration: ~23:38.

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Main album: (~22:44)
  1. (2:49) Leap of Faith
  2. (3:22) Rolling The Coasters
  3. (3:38) Ancient Terror
  4. (2:17) Tick Rock
  5. (2:53) Symmetrical Showdown
  6. (2:27) Moshi Morphs Into A Weird Pink Butterfly
  7. (3:12) He's Here
  8. (2:06) Stop Time/End Space
Bonus Tracks: (0:54)
  1. (0:54) Elevatorcrash

Added to wiki 10/25/2023.

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Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

The Cool and New counterpart of Strife! by Kusoro, featuring over 8 guitar heavy tracks.

ackro: (Album Artist)


Scarodactyl: (Muscleman)

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