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Heinoustuck Vol. 1

album cover

Cover art by Artsekey ( Tumblr ).
Released 10/15/2012.
Duration: ~38:33.

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  1. (1:05) Theme by HexVertigo
  2. (2:02) Windy Moor by HexVertigo
  3. (3:16) Asylum by Nicole Feltz
  4. (1:08) A Forced Smile by sticler
  5. (2:13) Black Rose Petals by Nitrosparxx
  6. (3:28) Hellion Angel by HexVertigo
  7. (3:03) Rooftop by HexVertigo
  8. (2:58) Dog Tired by Sarcastic Fringehead
  9. (2:12) Trypophobic Canine by Amanda Singleton
  10. (4:36) Striving by HexVertigo
  11. (1:09) Nightmare by karelianArmy
  12. (1:20) Rainforest by Sarcastic Fringehead
  13. (2:33) Ignition by eridamnit
  14. (2:11) Noir by sticler
  15. (3:03) Rainy Haven by HexVertigo
  16. (2:16) Teenage Turmoil by Pluffin

Added to wiki 1/1/2023.

Artist commentary:


Heinoustuck Vol. 1, a music album entirely composed of things made by the fans of my Homestuck AU Heinoustuck [wiki maintainer's cw - body horror], is here! The reception I had for both the music submissions and track art submissions was fantastic! Thank-you all!

The first track is the theme for Heinoustuck, the second to ninth are themes for the four beta kids - two for each character, and the final lot are sort of bonuses, but still have characters they're associated with.

A few of the submissions had their names and characters changed, and I'm sorry about that, but I hope you're all glad with the result - I know I am! There may be future music contests and, if I find a few music composers whose work I really like out of these contests, I might even form a mini-music team, if they want.

The entire album is free, so you can download it if you like.

What is Heinoustuck?

"A body horror Homestuck AU that started out as just a bunch of sprite edits, which has now evolved into a fully-fledged fanventure."

Back in June 2012, it was the latest fad in the Homestuck fandom to create a bunch of creepy Homestuck sprite edits. I jumped on the bandwagon before it got its 'fad' status (a friend of mine initially came up with the idea and his sprite edits inspired me to make my own). My sprite edits, along with other sprite edits such as 'WTFStuck', 'Satanstuck', and 'Zalgostuck', were the most popular among the fandom. A few people asked me if I would take the idea further, and I decided that I might.

I then spent a few months coming up with a bare basic plot, characters and their backstories, what they would need to overcome, what type of mood I wanted the story to have, and constructed a universe for them all to live in. After I had done all that, I began the fan adventure.

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