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Hypertonic Dreams

album cover

By JJ Pollution.
Cover art by nubbinknees nubbinknees Tumblr.
Released 3/12/2017.
Duration: ~48:56.

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Main album: (~45:58)
  1. (3:11) Palfrey Motive
  2. (3:05) Vitriolium
  3. (2:25) Redox Redux
  4. (3:04) All Saints To Arms
  5. (4:07) Blueshift
  6. (2:14) Den of Sin
  7. (2:02) Duck Muffler
  8. (3:36) Paperthin
  9. (2:25) Reprieve
  10. (3:45) Notes From The Left Field
  11. (1:58) Hard Pill To Swallow
  12. (1:39) Sad Mountain Dew Music
  13. (2:36) Tryptophantasm by JJ Pollution and Nice Wizard
  14. (2:48) High Upon Hinterland
  15. (3:31) Untruly Yours
  16. (0:57) Burnout Flounce
  17. (2:35) Ex Nihilo
Bonus tracks: (~2:58)
  1. (2:25) Oxide Rewind
  2. (0:33) Mixed Signals

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Artist commentary:

Redditstuck: (Bandcamp about blurb)

Even in my dreams I see their agents. Stalking the corners of my field of vision beyond what I can clearly observe. An inescapable sinking feeling is present in my gut, as though certain imperceptible forces are slowly, but surely, aligning themselves against me. I do not know how much longer I am fated to survive. Perhaps I only now continue to remain free of them at their whim. In any case, I present this download to you as an act against their demands. Though I may fall you must never give in.

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

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