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Incipient Overture

album cover

By Dylan S. dasindylan SoundCloud dylan-snyder Carrd.
Cover art by Clockworkreapers clockwrkreapers Twitter clockworkreapers Tumblr Blackblooddragoness YouTube clockworkreapers ArtStation clockworkreapers DeviantArt clockworkreapers Instagram Clockworkreapers Toyhouse.
Released 10/9/2022.
Duration: ~14:27.

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  1. (3:11) Land of Amber and Frogs
  2. (2:18) Land of Crystal and Spectrum
  3. (2:16) Land of Gravity and Pathways
  4. (2:13) Land of Pulse and Kingdoms
  5. (2:14) Land of Resent and Destruction
  6. (2:15) Land of Towers and Flow

Added to wiki 4/13/2024.

Artist commentary:

Dylan S.:

Got commissioned to make six land themes for ClockworkReapers, maker of Aleph Null. Doing music for settings, especially settings this memorable and stark, might the most fun I’ve ever had composing. I was given six beautiful pictures and brief descriptions, and every one of them grabbed me. I got really attached to trying to capture what it must feel like to exist in all these awesome, impossible places.

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