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Project [S] OST - Vol. 1

album cover

Cover art by KingDundo KingDDundo Twitter.
Wallpaper art by Project [S] project-s-official Tumblr PSoundpage Twitter.
Released 4/13/2024.
Duration: ~27:35.

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Main album: (~21:46)
  1. (0:51) Phantasm Morning by Fireball-me
  2. (1:46) Daveisherenow.mp3 by Fireball-me
  3. (2:12) Chorale for Rose by jacobpolarbearboy
  4. (1:53) Relatively Small Harlequins by Fireball-me
  5. (1:38) The Study by jacobpolarbearboy
  6. (1:01) Showtime (piano) by Noah Wilk
  7. (0:09) Harlequin Reveal by SamIsKindaOkay
  8. (2:38) DAD(bert) by jacobpolarbearboy
  9. (3:32) Enter_Command by Fireball-me
  10. (1:49) Aggrievance of the Orchestra by TBYT
  11. (1:37) Oh damn its dave by Fireball-me
  12. (0:45) Magic Chest by Fireball-me
  13. (1:55) Stack_Modus by Fireball-me
Bonus tracks: (~5:49)
  1. (1:14) Harlefib by BattleblockB0ss
  2. (2:27) Universal Tinkering by METIANULL
  3. (2:08) Long Day, New Beginnings by Platestectonic

Added to wiki 4/13/2024.

Artist commentary:

Project [S]: (YouTube video description)

Happy 4/13!

We are excited to introduce to you the first Project Soundpage OST album. This album features 7 tracks featured in the Project [S] Act 1 Episode 1 animatic, 6 unused tracks intended for that episode, and 3 bonus tracks just for fun!

Project [S]: (Tumblr post)

Now That's What I Call [S]

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