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Redditstuck Vol. 1

album cover

Cover art by Bin confetti-bin SoundCloud.
Released 10/25/2016.
Duration: ~55:07.

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  1. (2:49) Cogs by JJ Pollution
  2. (2:37) Hobbyist by JJ Pollution
  3. (2:14) Spool by JJ Pollution
  4. (2:00) Crushing Weight by Zylar
  5. (1:55) Assertion by Emelia K.
  6. (1:26) Visions Of Grim by JJ Pollution
  7. (3:22) Colt Blooded by JJ Pollution
  8. (3:12) Incubation by Kal-la-kal-la
  9. (1:26) What A Hoot by Nice Wizard
  10. (1:33) Saoshyant by Bin
  11. (3:32) Alloy by Cervid King
  12. (1:07) Conflict! by Emelia K.
  13. (1:30) Sticky Steps by Nice Wizard
  14. (2:40) Happy Thoughts And Fairy Dust by Zylar
  15. (2:52) Effervescence by pi_rho_man
  16. (1:56) Malediction by JJ Pollution
  17. (2:58) Solid Water Whispers by Nice Wizard
  18. (2:32) Divine Intervention by JJ Pollution
  19. (3:07) Thank You Based Prince by Kal-la-kal-la
  20. (1:55) Look Where We Are by Nice Wizard
  21. (8:24) Hyperion by Kal-la-kal-la

Added to wiki 6/12/2024.

Artist commentary:

Redditstuck: (Bandcamp about blurb)

Please don't pay the ridiculous price for this album. The price is simply a jest - a pyramid scheme beyond even our imagination.

Download the full album here instead:
(dead MEGA link)
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Redditstuck: (Bandcamp credits blurb, excerpt)

Our wonderful performers:
JJ Pollution
Emelia K.
Nice Wizard
Cervid King

Cover art created by:
David Burt
Brother Grapefruit
Christ in a Sidecar

Mastered by Adventureflame.

And an additional thanks to everyone who has supported us so far! This is our labor of love to all of you.

We hope you enjoy it.

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

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