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Sburbmon Original Soundtrack

album cover

By Twix Stix twixstixx YouTube.
Cover art by Makin and Sburbmon Team sburbmon Tumblr Other (sprites).
Wallpaper art by Sburbmon Team sburbmon Tumblr Other.
Released 10/10/2019.
Art released 5/8/2024.
Duration: ~52:38.

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Main album: (~52:31)
  1. (0:56) Title Screen
  2. (2:11) Maple Valley
  3. (1:52) The Battlefield
  4. (2:11) SburbMart
  5. (1:49) Forested Area
  6. (1:23) Land of Wind and Shade
  7. (1:52) Land of Caves and Silence
  8. (1:29) Land of Light and Rain
  9. (1:05) Land of Heat and Clockwork
  10. (2:01) Rap Battle!
  11. (1:02) Pony Ride
  12. (2:33) Land of Tombs and Krypton
  13. (3:03) Derse
  14. (1:45) Midnight Crew Casino
  15. (1:50) Felt Hideout
  16. (1:04) Land of Frost and Frogs
  17. (2:03) Surfing
  18. (1:56) Prospit
  19. (2:18) Skaianet
  20. (1:52) The Veil
  21. (1:32) Wild Battle
  22. (1:41) Trainer Strife
  23. (1:53) Denizen Strife
  24. (1:50) A Rare Encounter
  25. (1:32) A Legendary Encounter
  26. (1:22) Route Theme 1
  27. (2:31) Route Theme 2
  28. (2:20) Route Theme 3
  29. (1:35) Route Theme 4
Bonus track: (0:07)
  1. (0:07) Music Box

Added to wiki 6/12/2024.

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Artist commentary:

Twix Stix: (composer, project lead, wiki communications over Discord)

The Doctor cover was the first one I made on a whim before I ever became the lead on the project, and the tracklist slowly expanded from there. The entire project was inspired by Touhoumon, and while I wasn't quite skilled enough to create the same 'remix' vibe that game had, I still wanted to include some of Homestuck's music in the game in a similar way.

Every song in the album was sequenced in an actual GBA rom, not just imitated by a soundfont.

Makin: (cover artist, wiki editor)

This is the soundtrack for Sburbmon, a Homestuck-themed mod for Pokemon Fire Red. It was composed in full by Twix Stix, who currently heads development of the mod itself.

The album was only ever released as a zip download, and is now fully hosted on YouTube and Additionally, MIDIs have been extracted from the game files, and I've made a cover in the style of Fire Red's box art using a few sprites made by the Sburbmon team over the years.

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

Summarizing details Twix Stix shared with Makin (#hsmusic-chat) over Discord DMs:

Although Sburbmon's first demo was published , the mod eventually came to include all the tracks compiled here. These were released as a soundtrack folder linked from The Big 'Mon Checklist; Twix Stix indicates the last track was created on , which is the date we've used for the album here.

Also, thanks for the beautiful cover artwork, Makin.

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