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Stable Time Loops and Paradoxes 3

album cover

Cover art by Siedlag siedlag Tumblr siedlag Twitter siedlag DeviantArt.
Released 4/13/2020.
Duration: ~2:03:02.

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Disc 1: (~26:06)
  1. (0:38) ~~Disc 1~~ by Rainy
  2. (3:22) Escapade by Pascal van den Bos
  3. (2:35) Megalovania - Spad3s Dubstep Remix by Spad3s
  4. (2:04) dude dont touch my cape by Frost Carter
  5. (4:19) A Handmaid's Last Stand by Rainy
  6. (2:04) Heated Metal by Caldw3ll
  7. (2:14) Splinter by Rowyn Berlan
  8. (1:56) Dual Voltage by Pascal van den Bos
  9. (2:52) Cardioscillate by Chromaphasia
  10. (4:02) Belly of the Beast by Rainy
Disc 2: (~32:15)
  1. (0:27) ~~Disc 2~~ by Caelan Kier
  2. (2:31) Double Dose of Midnight by Rainy
  3. (2:57) Baleishsprite by Caelan Kier
  4. (4:13) Spacetime Continuum by apatheticPianist and Pascal van den Bos
  5. (2:56) Heirflow by Rowyn Berlan
  6. (6:25) Snowfall by Rainy
  7. (3:17) Unite Synchronization - Spad3s Glitch Hop Remix by Spad3s
  8. (2:44) The Outer Veil by Chromaphasia
  9. (4:13) Color of the Ocean by Pascal van den Bos
  10. (2:32) Threshold by Beau Brian
Disc 3: (~24:04)
  1. (0:28) ~~Disc 3~~ by Pascal van den Bos
  2. (2:51) Everlasting Hope by Rowyn Berlan
  3. (2:12) Moonsetter - Spad3s Jazz Lofi Remix by Spad3s
  4. (2:12) Sunsetter X by Pascal van den Bos
  5. (2:31) Newer Doors by Beau Brian
  6. (2:12) Tale of the Lone Servant by Pascal van den Bos
  7. (2:07) Of Cats and Martinis by Pascal van den Bos and Rowyn Berlan
  8. (2:16) Of the Grim and Godlike - Spad3s Deathstep Remix by Spad3s
  9. (4:13) Destiny Paradox by Levc
  10. (3:02) Forgotten Member of the Lost Weeaboos by Chromaphasia
Disc 4: (~37:51)
  1. (0:39) ~~Disc 4~~ by Rowyn Berlan
  2. (3:27) Photoluminescence by Beau Brian
  3. (5:09) Chaos Flames by Rainy
  4. (4:07) Cascade DX by Caelan Kier
  5. (5:47) Soft as the Clouds by WarxTron
  6. (2:36) Hell0! 0u0 by Beau Brian
  7. (4:25) Black - Spad3s Glitch Hop Remix by Spad3s
  8. (1:22) Lotus (Dream) by Pascal van den Bos
  9. (3:57) Slave State by Caelan Kier
  10. (6:22) Collapse by Pascal van den Bos
Bonus tracks: (2:46)
  1. (2:46) MeGaLoVania - BeforusBound Version (Cover) by Pascal van den Bos and Tee-vee

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  • Album Booklet
    • The commentary from this booklet, part of the album's official and since-delisted download, is included with updated names on this album's track pages. At the artists' requests, the original file (including deadnames, etc) isn't available.
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Artist commentary:

The Paradox Music Team: (Bandcamp about blurb)

Yet ANOTHER entry in the STLaP series of Homestuck fanmusic compilation albums, this album includes a PDF with commentary from the musicians and one delicious bonus track at the end!

The Paradox Music Team: (Bandcamp credits blurb, excerpt)

Pascal van den Bos
Caelan Kier
Rowyn Berlan
Beau Brian

Caelan Kier

Cover art by: Siedlag

Album Mastering by: Spad3s

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