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Triassic Slump

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By WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES what Bandcamp whats-this-thing-here SoundCloud.
Cover art by Ephemerald emeraldephemeral Tumblr ephemerald_ Twitter.
Released 11/5/2019.
Duration: ~41:15.

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  1. (0:47) What's Inside
  2. (4:08) Tyranny Soars
  3. (2:49) Major Motion Picture
  4. (5:40) Keep It Going
  5. (3:59) Rabbit and Squirrel
  6. (3:03) What Can You Do But Laugh?
  7. (1:26) Holiday for Creeps
  8. (3:51) Me and Mister Mirror
  9. (4:47) Daily Routine
  10. (3:21) I'm Not Real
  11. (7:24) Meteors

Added to wiki 4/12/2021.

Artist commentary:


thanks to all of the people who supported this project throughout the year including but not limited to: splitsuns, kal-la kal-la, grace medley, anthony parfilko, elxy, and ephemerald. I couldn't have done this without you folks

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