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Dialed to 11 - Commentary

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Album commentary


This album is part of an original soundtrack for Homestuck fan comics "Earthernia" and "Worldmash".

Tracks composed & mixed in Soundtrap.

Background Images on album cover & track art are sourced from Images manipulated with

Clusterfuck Anthem


I technically included all the previous tracks from the album in this song, but some of the references are either very short, hard to catch, or include motifs from bridge sections or background melodies. I don't blame you for having a hard time, especially since there's parts where 2 or more motifs are layered over each other at the same time. Overall, the album references tracks in the order they appear in the album.

At the part where "Fight Against The Narrative Napoleon" plays, the looping melody that you hear at the very end of "Crystal Horizons" is also playing. During that section of CF Anthem, there's ALSO a reference to a bridge section in "The Last Dance" that you hear at about 1:53 into that track. In CF Anthem, it's kinda hard to catch, but the little "bell" instrument (i forgot what it was called sorry) that plays alongside the FATNN guitars and Crystal Horizons melody is referencing Last Dance, so you get the first 3 tracks referenced.

The "Decently Destructive Battle" reference plays by itself starting at 1:10 in CF, but then if you listen closely, a piano and bells join in at 1:22. It's hard to tell what it's referencing, but it's supposed to reference a melody loop in "Like Clockwork" that starts at 0:25 in the latter song; we now have tracks 4 and 5 referenced, even if 5 is kinda obscure and hard to catch.

Infinity March starts by itself in CF Anthem, but at 1:44, Checkered Crypts joins in as well. The part of Crypts that's being referenced is a melody that begins at 1:18 (in Checkered Crypts), but in CF it appears as a relatively quiet piano, so it's not immediately apparent. Either way, that's tracks 6 and 7.

Then there's a Window in Time, we get both the intro section and the looping melody from that song, playing along a quiet (& hard to catch) bell melody that references the melody in "Cloudscape" (entire song). Halfway through this section, the bell melody stops and is replaced with a bridge section referencing Last Dance again, except it's the piano version this time. The section of Last Dance (piano) that's being referenced is a part that starts at the 2:50 mark. So now we have songs 8, 9 and 10, even though 9 (cloudscape) is hidden in there very well.

Ok for this next section, I guess I told a little white lie when I said all songs are referenced in order, because upon relisten, I've noticed that the Battle of the bridges melody kicks in before the Dialed to 11 melody. Either way, we got Bridges, but then at 2:54, we get both a different melody from Bridges (this melody of Bridges can be heard at the 1:40 mark), AND a melody from Dialed to 11 (which can be heard at 3:53 in the namesake song). Guitars kick in at 3:30, followed by ANOTHER melody from Battle of the bridges (begins at 4:08 in Bridges). Tracks 11 and 12 are now referenced as we transition to a quieter section that references tracks 13 and 14.

At 3:53 in CF Anthem, we have a violin melody that references a part of Rude Awakening that begins at 3:12 in Rude Awakening. Alongside that is a quieter reference to "Dream Sequence". The 2 play alongside eachother before Rude Awakening fades out, leaving us with just Dream Sequence. --- At 4:39 in CF Anthem, we get the 2 of the last 3 references for this song: the base melody for "Fell Into The Nexus" (plays throughout entirety of Nexus), along with a return of the bell melody that you hear at the very beginning of CF Anthem, though I dunno if that actually counts as a reference lol.

We then get one last section with the guitars, then a quieter piano section that references Sburban Jungle from the Homestuck OST before the song ends.

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