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The Greatest Living Show - Commentary

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On moonlit nights,

Within this great fair, a carousal awaits.

An audience of shadows, rocking in merriment

To the greatest show, oh, perhaps the greatest ever been told.

Dancers, perfumed in milk and honey

Lyons, roaring like the orchestral pit

And the ringmaster, with his most alluring smile...

I, too, wish to stand upon his stage.

Toby Fox:

Allow me to tell you about something I'm very proud of.

A while ago, I created a song with Itoki Hana called "THE GREATEST LIVING SHOW." For its release, I thought it would be nice to commission a music video from it from "Bani-chan", the album artist for our song "74." I gave her a loose outline of the story and a translation of the lyrics, and let her handle everything else.

After two long years, the video has finally been completed.

Over two long years, BANI created this entire music video from beginning to end, all by herself. Every frame, every pose, every camera angle, every character design, the effects, the processing, everything, was painstakingly done by her own hand.

She worked chronologically from beginning to end. As its development went on, her abilities and standards raised higher and higher... ultimately compressing two years of hard work and improvement into a four-minute running time. You may notice this as you watch the video!

Bani sacrificed her ____ and her ____ to bring you this. Now finally, she and her work stand in the spotlight before you. So please, put on your masks, raise your glasses... and behold! Now, in LIVE COLOR, the WORLD'S GREATEST SHOW...!

Toby Fox: (Tumblr)

My newest song collaboration with Itoki Hana has been released.

Please watch the video. It was created by Bani-chan (who created UNDERTALE fan animations a long time ago) entirely by herself over a period of two years. I’m extremely proud of this.

(Warning: Contains graphic imagery.)

Toby Fox: (Tumblr)

The latest Pannenkoek2012 video has been released.

Please watch the video. It was created by Pannen-chan (who created Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0.5x A Presses a long time ago) over a period of 1 year(s). I’m somewhat proud of this.

(Warning: Contains graph images.)

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