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Thank you! There are two places you can support HSMusic:

  • Patreon, which should be straightforward to use if you've already set up an account.
  • Liberapay, which is a considerably more reliable platform than Patreon, but might take some setup to get working.

As thanks for your support present or past, we'll add your name to a thank-you list on About & Credits, and feature the names of current supporters as part of each release's news entry. (As far as we know, Liberapay leaves supporters anonymous, so drop us a message if you donate there and would like to be credited!)

As additional acknowledgment for donating CA$5 or more a month, we have a shiny Supporter role on the Discord server! Patreon should give this to you automatically... but it's still a little experimental, so let us know if it doesn't, or if you're donating from Liberapay.

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