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Homestuck Vol. 11

carátula del álbum

Carátula por CadBrad ( YouTube ).
Lanzado el 20/7/2018.
Duración: ~58:54.

Escucha en Bandcamp o YouTube (lista de reproducción).

Archivos adicionales: The Baby is 2 Script
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  1. (4:13) You Do Not Have What It Takes por Hadron
  2. (1:55) Penumbra Phantasm (Extended) por Difarem
  3. (13:40) Bowman's Credit Score: A Rock Opera por Noisemaker
  4. (3:14) Guardian V3 por Shwan
  5. (4:13) MeGaLoVania 2 (Feat. Snoop Dogg as "Sans" From the Hit Game Undertale, Created by Toby Fox) por Cerulean
  6. (6:12) The Return of Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido por SplitSuns
  7. (1:46) Nightlife: Dancing Moon Edition por TirantBacon
  8. (1:26) Bleat Like a Goat Mom por cookiefonster
  9. (4:13) Your (Quest) Bed por NeRd
  10. (1:43) Unfinished Beatdown Remix; DO NOT PUBLISH por Cerulean
  11. (12:06) The Baby is 2 por WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES, Ray Mike y NeRd
  12. (4:13) How Do I Live (Thanks for Playing Version) por Kal-la-kal-la

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The Baby is 2 Script

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Homestuck Vol. 11 is an extensive recreation project of a single meme posted by CadBrad two years ago. Because we could.

That was the image, and recreating it sat on our projects list as a "meme idea that will never happen" for over a year. We finally decided to start obsessively bringing it back to life about a month ago.

The biggest challenges during the planning stage were the longer tracks, particularly Bowman's Credit Score: A Rock Opera, which we "downsized" back to a bowman soundfont swap but ended up being hilariously complex anyway, and The Baby is 2, which we actually brought to life with really shitty mics and a lot of heart. Both came out way better than we expected. Another challenge was getting a 11 hour song onto Bandcamp while dealing with their 600MB limit, it involved a lot of silence and making the song mono, but don't worry, the download includes the original song in stereo with no padding.

Also worth mentioning, SplitSuns' newest masterpiece: The Return of Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido, I can't recommend it enough. Go listen to it now.

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