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108 Stars of Density

By Toby Fox ( Bandcamp , Twitter , External ( ).
Duration: 1:36.

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Tracks that 108 Stars of Density references:

Artist commentary:

Toby Fox:

108 Stars of Density, my new track from the latest update.

This song was actually a scrapped attempt at another Meenah song for Volume 9, created out of frustration towards composing Hate You. The song is based off of the ending portion of Hate You, starting at 2:11, which in turn was based off of the intro from Love You. I took it out of hibernation and finished it for the update.

The weird name is a reference to Suikoden, a PlayStation RPG where you walk around talking to characters trying to recruit them into your army. Each character you can recruit corresponds to one of the 108 Stars of Destiny.

As Meenah, you walk around trying to recruit constellation-corresponding characters into your army………….

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