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Frost and Clockwork

track cover

track cover

Tags: Dave, Jade, LoFaF, LoHaC

By Circlejourney ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , Tumblr , Twitter ) .
Cover art by RaChoTamer ( Tumblr , Twitter ) .
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 3:11.

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Artist commentary:


This track was my very first piece of fanmusic, composed in 2013 immediately after I finished reading the Homestuck archive and adapted for LoFaM4 in 2016. It's an attempt to capture the joy I felt reading Homestuck for the first time, and a tribute to one of my favoourite things about the comic—the juxtapositions of intimately small details against cold, fathomless space.

Frost and Clockwork is about the planets in the medium, and the things residing upon each one—hummingbirds, fireflies, cogs, falling snow. The comic discusses fate and determinism all the time, but I like to think about how it is to simply exist in this universe, without awareness of purpose or destination.

Rather than embodying a sense of mystery or adventure (as most Medium-related music tends to), I wanted this track to feel like home—something that this webcomic has become for me.


This was such a fun song and it reminded me of one of my favorite parts of Homestuck - the fun and adventure. It feels so welcoming and warm and triumphant, and I really tried to capture that here!

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