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By Michael Guy Bowman bowman Bandcamp YouTube YouTube mguybowman Twitter Other mguybowman Instagram.
Cover art by Hieronymous Bosch (original artwork).
Released 11/22/2016.
Duration: 5:20.

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Tracks that reference Purgatory:

From Fandom:


Oh Muses guide me, please provide me with your hallowed song
I've been to Hell and back, I'm losing track of the road I'm on
Help my recounting of this mountain rising in the dawn

I've been traipsing every terrace up in Purgatory
Crowded by sinner's souls stripped of every dignity
Carrying the weight of what I've done and all the worst of me

I'm taking the long road
I'm starting the fire
Next time that you see me
I'll be higher

I see the pride, I see the envy and the anger now
I see the ones who wait, the ones who take, or just ate out
I see the lovers without love are not without a doubt

The days are long, we walk in circles while the sun is high
We look for answers if there's chance for us in Paradise
Heaven knows I will climb unto the stars to make things right

Oh man, it's easy from the outside looking in
The stairs are not so tall for those who can begin
Oh, but I've been looking so far out of frame

I focus now upon my feet upon the path
I make the distance, let the step stones do the math
I know the next half of life won't be the same

I'm not searching for a sliver of a silver lining
I am taking what is left that I can say is mine
And if the road I'm on is long and winding
Well, you know, it's fine

I'll be drinking from the river at the end of this
And know that when I look into the eyes of Beatrice
I will be purified of all that I no longer miss

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