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By Clark Powell clarkpowell Bandcamp plazmataz SoundCloud barkbarkclark Twitter.
Released 3/8/2013.
Duration: 2:36.

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Clark Powell: (Tumblr)

An in-progress arrangement of Serenade in a triple meter. The percussion you hear is from knocking on the wood body of a piano.

This was originally for a totally unrelated project, and turns out if I’m not sure what melody to use in a song I’ll default to Serenade. I’m not quite sure where to take it next, though. Maybe cello. I’ll figure it out.

Clark Powell: (original cover art, Tumblr)

Clark Powell: (Tumblr)

I started listening to the soundtrack for Psycholonials, and realized that I've heard one of the songs before. Turns out The Influencer was originally a piece you made like 10 years ago called "Nepeta in Three" and it was a song I'd just listen to all the time whenever I wanted to feel happy. I'm really glad you got to use it in some official capacity!

me too!! psycholonials ended up being a supercut of my best b-sides that never got to shine. good catch remembering the nepeta track deep cut after so long!

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