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Alternian Misadventures! Volume.1

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By Xszelor thehighblood Bandcamp realmite Bandcamp scorpan Bandcamp frostcaster Bandcamp dvojka Bandcamp valkzaron Bandcamp daedricblessing Bandcamp YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube Other Other and Dvojka dvojka Bandcamp.
Cover art by Misargentum.
Released 8/4/2020.
Duration: ~27:38.

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  1. (2:49) Apathy
  2. (2:01) Hewwo! i`ve murdered your family...
  3. (3:17) Timekeeper
  4. (2:24) stupid, sadistic, suicidal
  5. (2:47) idk...
  6. (2:20) Omen
  7. (2:17) Dicemaster
  8. (3:45) What`s Down
  9. (3:23) Deliverance
  10. (2:35) En Garde!

Added to wiki 6/12/2024.

Artist commentary:

Xszelor: (Bandcamp about blurb)

This is original first volume of Alternian Misadventures! - HS based Fancomic, that you can find here (dead MSPFA link)

Nektannn: (Bandcamp credits blurb)

Thank you all guys.
We love your supportment.
We could be working with you for the next Vol.

Nektannn to AM team

View original file ( kB MB). (Heads up! If you're on a mobile plan, this is a large download.)