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Alternian Misadventures Volume.2 (2020)

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  • DevDev (Alternian Misadventures!)

By Xszelor thehighblood Bandcamp realmite Bandcamp scorpan Bandcamp frostcaster Bandcamp dvojka Bandcamp valkzaron Bandcamp daedricblessing Bandcamp YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube Other Other and Dvojka dvojka Bandcamp.
Cover art by Misargentum.
Released 5/24/2024.
Duration: ~17:03.

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  1. (2:44) Dungeons, dungeons....and more dungeons
  2. (2:08) There is Nothing
  3. (2:03) Salamandra Salamandra!
  4. (1:49) Blind Watchmaker
  5. (1:23) Anachronist's Library
  6. (2:17) Ash Paints
  7. (1:47) Pathway of Samurai
  8. (2:52) Vent Sanglant

Added to wiki 6/12/2024.

Artist commentary:

Xszelor: (Bandcamp about blurb)

Album i made long ago, for some things we never finished, but tried a lot.

I never re-mastered tracks till this day, and they were buried deep in my old music archives. Only some tracks been remade for RoD:PoM OST.

Jebb: (wiki editor)

Despite the album being added to Bandcamp on May 24th 2024, the tracks were actually released much earlier than that on VK, with the date on the Bandcamp release stating that the album was made on October 23, 2020.

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