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CANWC for the Holidays

album cover

Cover art by yazshu metalscissor Twitter yazshu Tumblr YouTube YouTube and tti theterriblestidea Tumblr.
Released 10/30/2016.
Duration: ~37:09.

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  1. (0:48) ahahahahahahahahahahah, its XISTMAS you fat nasty trash by Wheals
  2. (1:00) Christmas Countdown by ft-rj
  3. (2:44) Christmas in September by Noisemaker
  4. (0:51) A Very Moshi Christmas by koba
  5. (3:22) Yule and New by meems
  6. (1:38) Blaze (Cascarol cut of the Bells) by CreatorOfJanespeak
  7. (6:41) A Very "O" Christmas by TirantBacon, Bambosh, Wheals, and Cecily Renns
  8. (1:43) We three normal character so far in CANWC of orient are by Shwan
  9. (2:10) Pachelbel's Movement by Interrobang
  10. (1:36) The Night Before Gristmas by ostrichlittledungeon and Cloudaria
  11. (2:10) Jhon killed Santa by GoomFloops
  12. (0:19) Hey guys, are pirates Halloween-themed? Oh, shoot... this is a Holiday-themed album... by 413
  13. (1:52) A Special Day In Medium by Kusoro
  14. (2:16) SnowAlLaVania by Ragzilla
  15. (4:23) How Do I Live Without Christmas by SerialSymphony
  16. (2:21) We are Cool and New (Hadron's Cut) by Hadron, TirantBacon, and Cecily Renns
  17. (1:15) I used to have a high effort track here but then they said you can't bring credit score back so I just put a christmas song through the wub machine, I miss you bowman by Makin

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