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s]hecka jef

album cover

Cover art by miraculousAvantgarde and Bambosh bamboshu Twitter.
Released 10/30/2016.
Duration: ~15:55.

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  1. (1:11) Death of Swet Bro by Discfortune
  2. (2:22) てhe Deep Lament of heckacious jeferey by Cecily Renns and Bambosh
  3. (1:14) you kiled swet bro prepair to di by TirantBacon
  4. (0:49) Guilty of Being Jhon by 413
  5. (1:48) anonamousVengance by Wheals
  6. (1:39) clonck effect by Cecily Renns
  7. (2:13) Muse of Nanchos by cookiefonster
  8. (1:33) stairdown (to be continue;}? by Discfortune
  9. (1:39) *swet revonge* by Double Hats Eyewear
  10. (1:27) [FLASHBONK...] Sein Bro and Hella Feld by Noisemaker

Added to wiki 8/18/2023.

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Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

an album of hecka and jefs

Cecily Renns: (Masterer)

look, we all really like CANWC. its fun, clever, and awesome. there arent evidence to the contrary either. so an album celebrating the COOLEST and NEWEST character has been a long time coming

i mean that quite literally; track 2, the Deep Lament, was considered for even vol 1; four or months so old. when Death of Swet Bro and you killed my bro came along, we thought of releasing the three has a three-movements-album

for months, only an idea such as this remained. but the idea of "a hecka jef album" spread around, and more people made more songs. only a few, but we had to abandon the three-movements idea

that'd have been cool and new, certainly

but the 10 (reletively very short track number) songs were finished, and now, we present to you: the coolest, the newest album the cool and music team, no, the entire Homestuck fandom had the pleasures of listening

s]hecka jef is now here, and we(well, me) are extremely proud of how cool and new it is.

certainly, this is not good music. its not even a funny meme. it is simply: cool. and very, very new. this is no LOFAM or CAN Vol 7, but much more: what we represent as a team.

one question remains. why are we so fucking awesome. and cool and new

Wheals: (Storyteller)

Hecka and Swet Bro are going to visit their friend Dabe when Bro is heartlessly murdered. After mourning his Loss, Hecka swears revenge, learning the perpetrator is none other than jhon. He hatches a plan to play Sburb without Bro, gains time powers, and gets time travelling items from his doomed alternate self. Finally, he confronts and kills jhon. At long last, he sits back and remembers the good old times, even though Swet Bro is gone forever.

miraculousAvantgarde: (as Papa John's, Album Artist)

Remember that time when I posted this onto the sub? Yeah that happened

Bambosh: (Album Artist)

I put the text on it shower me with praise


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