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CaNWC for the Spookdays

album cover

Cover art by yazshu metalscissor Twitter yazshu Tumblr YouTube YouTube.
Released 12/25/2017.
Duration: ~36:51.

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  1. (1:18) a memy hopidays (maybe the intro??? if not then ill just take it down edition) by pizzagremlin
  2. (2:23) Welcome to Quarantine City by Difarem and TirantBacon
  3. (3:00) Battle Against A True Spooky Boi by Akalabeth
  4. (1:41) spOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOky by Discfortune
  5. (1:02) goosbunps by Makin
  6. (2:10) Danse Anglaise by Shwan
  7. (2:08) i think the fact that the team is dying is extremely scary. have a vaguely spooky sounding original song in the efforts to revive this mess of a team. boo. to be perfectly honest this album wouldn't have happened if there was less than 10 songs so i may aswell contribute somehow right because we need a december release desperately. woooOoOO. by ft-rj
  8. (0:42) mm2backyard by yazshu
  9. (1:18) Hello Jhon by Wheals
  10. (1:44) Pumpving Crakins by Mathias Ramalho
  11. (3:11) CaNdleWiCk by Scarodactyl
  12. (2:01) deudly firearms (ARE YOU NEXT?) by cookiefonster
  13. (1:14) bones by Interrobang
  14. (2:28) THIS Spooktune (its kind of like this pumpkin but etc.) by pizzagremlin
  15. (3:11) This is Cool and New by Scarodactyl
  16. (7:20) METAPHYSICAL TERROR / METAFICTIONAL ERROR (off-vocal) by Cecily Renns

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