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Corporate Holiday Hits

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Cover art by Dani Calzone Other danicalzone Twitter danicalzone Instagram.
Released 12/25/2020.
Duration: ~33:20.

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  1. (2:10) Eve by Kohauro
  2. (3:55) Joy To This Rotten, Desolate Carcass Of A World by Alex Votl
  3. (2:46) Holiday Shopping by pragmaticNihilist
  4. (2:11) No Rest For The Wicked by Veritas Unae
  5. (2:02) Hearts In The Wrong Place by Cristata
  6. (4:50) Last Yulepassing by Cerulean
  7. (2:03) Seasonal Contentment by dbnet18
  8. (5:03) Corporate Merriment Jingle 32 by SplitSuns
  9. (4:09) RECALL: A Winter Long Past by Kal-la-kal-la
  10. (4:11) Dawn by Kohauro

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