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[S] Press Play

album cover

album cover

Cover art by YoItsCro ( Tumblr , Twitter ) .
Banner art by YoItsCro ( Tumblr , Twitter ) and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 1/4/2021.
Duration: ~1:00:37.

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  1. (0:39) 2012Core by YoItsCro
  2. (3:30) On An Island Far Away by Circlejourney
  3. (3:35) Polyepoxide by karketamine
  4. (3:07) Kanaya's Happy Time Meme Minute by Jonaya Riley
  5. (0:30) Roxtalgia by Secily Iopara
  6. (3:58) Planet Healer by awsomfaic
  7. (2:24) Megalovania Super Lucky Edition by Funk McLovin
  8. (8:32) How to Diagnose a Vriska by Jonaya Riley and Bucky Grant
  9. (4:43) Moonsniffers by gungangineer
  10. (4:05) set-course praereptŏr by Baleish
  11. (5:36) Cronus Goes to the DMVW by Jonaya Riley
  12. (4:45) Flushed Again by articulatelyComposed
  13. (0:38) Serenity's Haiku by YoItsCro
  14. (6:06) Vriska's Dragon by Funk McLovin
  15. (5:07) Young Timaeus by AE
  16. (3:22) Hey, what do you think about this as a title for a track? by gungangineer

Added to wiki 1/1/2023.

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Artist commentary:


[S] Press Play is a Homestuck audio fanzine, featuring multiple pieces from various artists! Started in early 2020 and releasing in beginning of this new year.

What's an audio zine?

An audio zine is a zine that features auditory pieces of work. They were more commonly known as tapezines or cassette zines before sharing music and audio online through the internet was commonplace.

What's featured in this one?

About an hour of 16 audio pieces that feature Homestuck inspired content (such as music and skits), paired with cover art for almost each one!

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By .

Cover art by .

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