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Homestuck^2: Beyond CaNMT Vol. 1

album cover

Cover art by Shadok YouTube YouTube shadok__ Twitter shadok__ Instagram.
Released 12/25/2019.
Duration: ~28:33.

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  1. (4:26) Crystallized Flowers DX by salex_r3kt
  2. (0:48) Break a Leg by Bin
  3. (1:27) Starship Strife by Indubitably
  4. (2:41) Bandcampfire by Ucklin
  5. (0:55) The First 55 Seconds of Komm Susser Todd by No Funny Name
  6. (0:54) Roxy's Revenge by Jonah "Sanctferum" Paley
  7. (3:49) Untitled by Unknown Artist
  8. (2:01) Abstract by Kusoro
  9. (2:48) Ship of Theseus by ostrichlittledungeon
  10. (1:20) actually dunno how to call this song but i think it sounds like its for dirk by Ray Mike
  11. (3:42) VOLUME 2/II Megamix by Cuil
  12. (3:42) You Can't Fight The Homestuck^2 by XenoZane

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