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album cover

album cover

Cover art by Mr. Sauceman.
Released 5/22/2020.
Duration: ~36:51.

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  1. (2:36) Astrophobia by Mr. Sauceman
  2. (3:50) Miasmatic Chacon by Interrobang
  3. (3:03) tonados and glass (SHARDS IN EVERY G*G D*NG DIRECTIAN) by CogentInvalid
  4. (2:46) Serket Breaker by DinoHat
  5. (1:55) Mischief by cctv
  6. (1:19) Silph of Space by Cuil
  7. (1:34) The Caverns of Harold by MrCheeze
  8. (2:43) Madame Controversielle 2 by cookiefonster
  9. (1:49) Goodnight Moonmoon by CogentInvalid
  10. (2:44) Doctor's Medication by Mr. Sauceman
  11. (7:20) ...a single singularity of being... by Interrobang
  12. (1:38) Kick-ass spider by Ray Mike
  13. (1:28) ocen troles by moonjail
  14. (2:06) Harold by cryptologicalMystic

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Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

Look at that, we managed to make an album!

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