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By Svix svix Bandcamp Svix YouTube.
Cover art by Svix svix Bandcamp Svix YouTube.
Released 3/26/2012.
Duration: ~55:05.

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Main album: (~39:24)
  1. (2:30) Induction
  2. (3:32) My Hibernation
  3. (5:18) Verisimilitude
  4. (5:39) It Really Doesn't Matter
  5. (4:02) Goodbye
  6. (3:42) Wistful
  7. (3:39) You Fade Away
  8. (3:50) Shake Your Tail
  9. (4:16) Fire + Forget
  10. (2:56) The Fox Cub
Download-only track: (4:33)
  1. (4:33) Fin
Remixes: (~11:08)
  1. (3:53) Verisimilitude (Glaze Remix) by Glaze and WoodenToaster
  2. (2:58) You Fade Away (Sanxion7 Remix) by Sanxion7
  3. (4:17) Goodbye (Metawulf Remix) by Metawulf

Added to wiki 4/13/2024.

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  • Keytar Fox SWF
    • Flash file for Keytar Fox, which includes a short snippet of what would eventually become Trepidation.
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Artist commentary:

Svix: (Bandcamp about blurb)

The culmination of nearly 3 years of learning and producing music.

Features the best of my previous work, remastered and in some cases
completely redone.

Hidden track included with album purchase!

Svix: (Bandcamp credits blurb)

Guest remixes by

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