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Nice Wizard's Electronic Extravaganza!

album cover

album cover

By Nice Wizard ( Bandcamp ).
Cover art by Nice Wizard ( Bandcamp ).
Released 2/7/2012.
Duration: ~29:15.

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  1. (2:05) Music box
  2. (3:56) Land of Storms and Seas
  3. (3:52) Land of Statues and Rime
  4. (2:32) Sunrise
  5. (3:08) Connect
  6. (3:22) Machina
  7. (3:36) Bad Dog, Worst Friend
  8. (3:26) Painted Face
  9. (3:18) Where It Begins.

Added to wiki 1/1/2023.

Artist commentary:

Nice Wizard:

This is a collection of my electronic works, all in one easy album! Don't feel obliged to pay anything, I'd rather you guys hear it than pay me a penny!


Nice Wizard

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