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LICORD: You Can (Not) Sound Good

album cover

Cover art by Skyplayer Skyplayer37 Twitter skyplayer37 Twitch Homestuck_Info Twitter skyplayer Linktree and Scarodactyl scarodactyl Tumblr.
Released 9/22/2018.
Duration: ~23:49.

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Side 1: (~10:53)
  1. (0:10) 🎷SIDE 1🎷 by Indubitably
  2. (0:49) Licord Hotline by AlphaShire
  3. (1:36) Nacrastical Engagement by WarxTron
  4. (1:49) please dont confuse licord with black or liquid negrocity, that is the point of licord by Discfortune
  5. (1:30) licorice necropolis by CogentInvalid
  6. (1:24) i;ll think of a name later by NeRd
  7. (2:13) [licord swim] by koba
  8. (1:22) Licord Remix by Kusoro
Side 2: (~12:56)
  1. (0:10) 🎷SIDE 2🎷 by Indubitably
  2. (1:20) Licorice Nasty by Indubitably
  3. (1:05) LICCord by Shwan
  4. (2:50) cerulean forgot to name this by Cerulean
  5. (1:17) Licord Demastery Demix by Mathias Ramalho
  6. (1:14) Tonguemovementrope Notverypleasurable by Isabella James
  7. (2:52) Licord Jazzcrasty (Remake) by WarxTron
  8. (2:08) licord remastered remix by meems

Added to wiki 10/25/2023.

Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

The team remixes licord nacrasty and tries to turn it into a good song, somehow. Is it even possible? You tell me.

"licord nacrasty" by koba

"Liquid Negrocity" by Toby "Radiation" Fox

"Oppa Toby Style by Toby "Don't Call Me Radiation" Fox

"Title (Uwol: Quest for Money)" by Augusto Ruiz

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