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album cover


Cover art by Robert J! Lake (Bandcamp, YouTube, Twitter).
Wallpaper art by Robert J! Lake (Bandcamp, YouTube, Twitter).
Banner art by Robert J! Lake (Bandcamp, YouTube, Twitter).
Released 11/2/2013.
Duration: ~34:10.

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  1. (4:52) A Scape by Marcy Nabors
  2. (4:16) 14121 by Catboss
  3. (3:11) Chicagoland by Robert J! Lake
  4. (5:34) North Walk / South Walk by Corbin Pangilinan and Marcy Nabors
  5. (5:51) Loop 1 by Michael Guy Bowman
  6. (5:47) Pulse by David Ellis
  7. (4:39) Hues / Tone by Nat Wesley

Added to wiki 7/24/2020.

Artist commentary:

Casual Sundays:

an album about love and loss and numbers and places
(best listened to on headphones or loud, loud, gorgeous speakers)

shortcuts written, recorded, and produced by casual sunday (check individual tracks for credits)
mastered by marcy nabors
art by robert j! lake

casual sunday are:

michael guy bowman (
david ellis (
robert j! lake (
yishan mai (
marcy nabors (
corbin pangilinan (
nat wesley (

featuring contributions by james ellis, clouds haberberg, and samm neiland

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