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album cover

Tags: WQ


Cover art by Seth Massey (Tumblr) and climeade (Tumblr).
Wallpaper art by Robert J! Lake (Bandcamp, YouTube, Twitter).
Banner art by Robert J! Lake (Bandcamp, YouTube, Twitter).
Released 6/13/2018.
Duration: ~2:05:39.

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Main album (~1:42:19):
  1. (1:28) First Steps by David Ellis
  2. (7:31) Back to Life by David Ellis
  3. (7:17) A World Awake by David Ellis
  4. (3:06) Blue Blood Group by Mark Hadley
  5. (3:08) Bro Hop by Michael Guy Bowman
  6. (3:49) Wily Espionage by Thomas Ferkol
  7. (4:44) Apexhalation by Malcolm Brown
  8. (3:16) Sburban Metro by Veritas Unae
  9. (2:40) Skaianet 2.0 by Mark Hadley
  10. (4:24) Whiteout by David Dycus
  11. (3:14) Requiem for Something Really Excellent by Robert J! Lake
  12. (1:07) Atoms in the Snow by David Ellis
  13. (3:10) Web Weaver by Seth Massey
  14. (2:25) We Shall Not Cease From Exploration by Michael Guy Bowman
  15. (3:50) The New Crew by Thomas Ferkol
  16. (3:33) Heir of Grief 8-bit by Tensei
  17. (5:19) [S]ynchronize by Malcolm Brown
  18. (6:06) Bane by Mark Hadley
  19. (3:43) Interstellar by Thomas Ferkol
  20. (2:44) Bronze Brawling by Max Wright
  21. (6:39) Infinity's Lament by Veritas Unae
  22. (4:36) A Farewell to Arms by Catboss
  23. (14:30) Moving On by Robert J! Lake
Bonus tracks (~23:20):
  1. (5:22) [S]ynchronize (Instrumental) by Malcolm Brown
  2. (16:13) Myststuck Suite (Full Version) by David Ellis
  3. (1:45) Requiem for Something Really Excellent (Demo) by Robert J! Lake

Added to wiki 7/24/2020.

Artist commentary:

Casual Sunday:

a love letter to homestuck

album organised by veritas unae
album mastered by marcy nabors
album commentary booklet by circlejourney
cover art by slog and climeade

Quasar Nebula:

this is an independent release from the band Casual Sunday!

please support the group by purchasing the album - it comes with a commentary booklet i don't intend to transcribe here.


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