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Skies Forever Blue

album cover

album cover

By Toby Fox ( Bandcamp , Twitter , External ( ) and Itoki Hana ( Bandcamp , YouTube , SoundCloud , Twitter ).
Cover art by OMOCAT ( Twitter , External ( ).
Wallpaper art by Jebb (edits for wiki) ( YouTube , Twitter ).
Released 11/1/2022.
Duration: ~9:10.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube (full album).

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  1. (4:36) Skies Forever Blue
  2. (4:34) (Off Vocal) Skies Forever Blue

Added to wiki 10/25/2023.

Artist commentary:

Toby Fox:

When I released UNDERTALE, I wondered if the game would reach RPG fans in Japan... So, after the game released, I was quite happy when one of my first fan letters was from a Japanese fan. This fan's name was Itoki Hana.

I actually recognized her from the Kirby vocal covers she put on YouTube, and my friends told me "you should talk to her!" After a few messages, she said she wanted to send me a gift, so I gave her my address. Eventually, I got a package at my house, containing chocolates and a hand-sewn patch of Flowey. The chocolates were some Japanese-exclusive flavors and they tasted really bad. They might've also been expired on arrival. Anyway, the handmade patch she made was really cute and I still have it. Since then, I consider her one of my good friends, and every once in a while we make music together.

This time we made a song called "Skies Forever Blue".

The music video was handled by OMOCAT LLC, who you may know as the creators of OMORI! We made the video in quite a rush, but it was fun to be able to work together on something. Many other people helped out too, so check the credits.

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