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"The role-playing game where you don't have to kill anyone!"

Besides being an acclaimed game with its own much-deserved passionate fanbase, the soundtrack of UNDERTALE - single-handedly composed by Toby Fox, who also developed the game largely on his own - is well recognized for its extensive use of leitmotifs. Musical themes are reused all throughout the soundtrack; several have even made their way beyond their original context and been referenced by fan musicians in their own Homestuck tracks!

DELTARUNE is Toby Fox's current project, a continuation of sorts set in an alternate reality; the first chapter has been released for free, and the remaining chapters (and their soundtrack) will be released as a set when the game is complete.

Much as Homestuck's discography helped foster a community of creation and collaboration, the music and reach of UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE have inspired countless up-and-coming musicians to create remixes and delve into music creation with their own talents and ideas.


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