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Soul of Sovereignty Prelude OST

album cover

By Toby Fox tobyfox Bandcamp tobyfox Twitter Other fwugradiation Tumblr and ggdg _ggdg_ Twitter gigidigi
Cover art by ggdg _ggdg_ Twitter gigidigi
Wallpaper art by ggdg _ggdg_ Twitter gigidigi
Released 1/15/2024.
Duration: ~29:14.

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  1. (0:56) Prelude by ggdg
  2. (1:38) Whisper by ggdg
  3. (1:48) Words in Lavender
  4. (1:40) Small Theme for a Sad Girl
  5. (2:52) Snowfall
  6. (0:19) Unease by Toby Fox
  7. (0:28) Frenzied Rite by Toby Fox
  8. (1:57) Fayim's Gift by Toby Fox
  9. (1:14) Hollow Temple by Toby Fox
  10. (2:40) Master of Illusion by Toby Fox
  11. (0:23) Frenzied Rite Pt. 2 by Toby Fox
  12. (1:15) Sunflowers by Toby Fox
  13. (1:42) Normal Theme for a Normal Woman by Toby Fox
  14. (1:13) Lamplight by ggdg
  15. (2:59) Sage Invocation
  16. (3:09) Light and Hunger by Toby Fox
  17. (2:06) Soul Tether
  18. (0:55) Prayer to the Builder by ggdg

Added to wiki 4/13/2024.

Artist commentary:

ggdg: (Bandcamp)

Music from the visual novel.

Toby Fox: (UNDERTALE / DELTARUNE NEWSLETTER Winter 2024: LOVE, excerpt)


You may have heard that I made a music for a certain game recently...

Yes, a very certain game… yes, with a totally out of nowhere collaboration...

That's right...


I collaborated with Gigi on the soundtrack to their new visual novel, SOUL OF SOVEREIGNTY!!!

The first chapter is now available for purchase! It's a linear story and only takes an hour or two to complete, so check it out!!

This game is intended for mature audiences (18+) only. Don't play this, kids!

As I implied, the soundtrack to this was a collaboration! While the two of us both made our own independent tracks here and there, most of the tracks were created by the two of us passing project files back and forth. It honestly felt like a true 50-50 effort, or maybe even more 60-40 on the side of Gigi. Gigi did mention that they wanted the soundtrack to sound like a PlayStation game, so I... Well, I just sent them all of the sounds I usually use and we just went wild. Anyway, I don't think I've ever collaborated so back-and-forth like this, so it was really fun!!! (Plus, it's Gigi's debut as a composer and I'm really proud.)

ggdg: (Tumblr, excerpt)

the climax is so so so so good i replayed the whole game 4 times already just to see it (and i'll do it again. i can't be stopped) also the music slaps so hard i can't wait for an official release. i'm curious which tracks were yours and what kind of directions you gave for the ones toby did.

anyway, congrats for soulsov real, it may be only a couple hours long but it's already so impactful and i can't wait to see what's next !!

thanks so much! i’m excited to release the soundtrack eventually. for now, here’s a proper songlist and more detailed credits (warning for vague spoilers):

if my name is listed first, that means i composed an early version, then toby took it from there.

the general direction we went in with was “ps1 rpg,” but i ended up taking a lot of influence from ffxi in my own compositions (“snowfall” in particular.)

(Continued in track commentary)

those are the biggest points i can think of! it was such a joy working together on this soundtrack and i’m looking forward to more.

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