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Spelunky Classic

album cover

Cover art by Derek Yu.
Released 12/21/2008.
Duration: ~9:53.

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  1. (0:41) Title by Buzinkai
  2. (1:37) Cave by Buzinkai
  3. (1:12) Jungle by Jon Perry
  4. (1:40) Ice Caves by Jon Perry
  5. (1:55) Temple by Jon Perry
  6. (1:34) Olmec by Jon Perry
  7. (0:37) Victory by Jon Perry
  8. (0:37) Ending by Buzinkai

Added to wiki 8/18/2023.

Artist commentary:

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

The original version of Spelunky, developed by Derek Yu and now dubbed Spelunky Classic, released on December 21st, 2008 on TIGSource. Although it was later remastered, that Game Maker version remains freeware.

Spelunky Classic's retro-style, fondly-remembered soundtrack was composed by Buzinkai and Jon Perry, the former of whom only a year or so later composed renowned tracks of the Homestuck discography Doctor, Explore, Endless Climb and more; Jon Perry has been designing hands-on and video games alike for many years, including other collaborations with Derek Yu.

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