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Stuck funkin DEMO ost

album cover

Cover art by Stuck Funkin'.
Wallpaper art by Stuck Funkin'.
Released 2/29/2024.
Duration: ~30:50.

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  1. (3:10) Finis Mortis by Dash net
  2. (3:10) Finis Mortis Instrumental by Dash net
  3. (2:20) AnCeStOr RaGe by Dash net
  4. (2:20) AnCeStOr RaGe Instrumental by Dash net
  5. (1:12) Garrystuck by Jukdo
  6. (1:12) Garrystuck instrumental by Jukdo
  7. (3:13) Strife Or Abscond by Dash net
  8. (3:13) Strife Or Abscond Instrumental by Dash net
  9. (2:23) WILWC by ELGATOBN
  10. (2:23) WILWC Inst by ELGATOBN
  11. (1:36) [S] Game Over :o) by Dash net
  12. (0:55) Honk Sad by Dash net
  13. (1:08) Look The Honk by Dash net
  14. (1:36) Quiet Place by ELGATOBN
  15. (0:59) Soul Happy by Dash net

Added to wiki 4/13/2024.

Artist commentary:

The Creator: (SoundCloud description)

this is the official ost of the homestuck mod stuck funkin gamzee bad days enjoy it bro :o)

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