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album cover

Cover art by dizzims. dizzims Twitter.
Wallpaper art by dizzims. dizzims Twitter and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 2/24/2024.
Duration: ~46:05.

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Main album: (~38:47)
  1. (0:41) Nibiru by Rainy
  2. (3:38) Redeye (feat. Kasane Teto) by Rainy
  3. (3:05) Unforgettable Face by Levc
  4. (3:29) Little Shop Of Horrors by Rainy
  5. (4:06) Crazy Phrog by SpilledCereals
  6. (6:20) Dead Performance by GhostElevator
  7. (1:21) BLASTED by METIANULL
  8. (2:20) Training Mode! by Paltham and autumnalEquinox
  9. (2:34) Exhausted Fanfare by Levc
  10. (3:21) Heartbreak Studio by SpilledCereals
  11. (3:27) Ephemeral Cogitation by Spad3s
  12. (4:25) Nibiru Cataclysm by Rainy and Levc
Bonus tracks: (~7:18)
  1. (3:44) Until My Blood Runs Dry by Witch's Cadence
  2. (3:34) Megalovania by Witch's Cadence

Added to wiki 4/13/2024.

Artist commentary:

Desynced: (Bandcamp about blurb, excerpt)

Elsewhere in the Universe...

NIBIRU: A Dragon-themed album comprised of the character themes for Desynced's Reptilian Aliens and the capitalistic cyber hell of a planet they inhabit.

Desynced: (Bandcamp about blurb, excerpt)

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