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Cover art by Unknown Artist.
Released 1/6/2009.
Duration: ~1:12:49.

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  1. (5:54) Miles Away by Mrmilkcarton
  2. (4:19) Crystalline by SolusLunes
  3. (4:14) A Moonless Blue by nal1200
  4. (4:25) Paroxysm by Quarl
  5. (3:48) Andas by EnV
  6. (4:46) Keys of A Piano by Smurfbeatz
  7. (3:45) Happiness (BeatSource Remix) by BeatSource
  8. (3:24) Adrenaline by RenoakRhythm
  9. (4:27) Say I Am You by Synthetic Music Apparatus
  10. (6:59) Morning Light (OM) by Kr1z
  11. (2:57) Destiny by Hoxon
  12. (3:26) Saying Goodbye by F-777
  13. (5:24) Audio Hallucination by Arka-9
  14. (3:01) Estrayed by DigitalPulse
  15. (5:50) Unending Tribulation by PERVOK
  16. (6:10) Iceferno by RedMoon

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Artist commentary:

nal1200: (Newgrounds news post, excerpt)

Synthetica EP News!

You can purchase the album from the iTunes store by clicking (dead iTunes link) here!

Check out the Electronic EP project "Synthetica!"

Because this is a collaborative effort of many Newgrounds Audio Artists, I strongly encourage you to check out everyone's material. A list of artists is as follows:

SolusLunes (Solus Lotus)
nal1200 ft. LiraLei (Lira Yin)
Quarl (Ruqal)
Envy (~EnV~)
Ethalyn (BeatSource)
SMA (Synthetic Music Apparatus)
Helixmusic (Helix)
F-777 (Jesse Valentine)
Danredda (DaNReD)
Shadow6X6 (Astrix)
Bahdshah (Redmoon Deejay)

I'd like to thank everyone that purchases the EP, and i'd like to put out a special thanks to everyone that's helped promote it.

Be sure to tune in to Radiogrounds as well for some great NG music, as well as much, much more. The DJs there are local users here on NG, and I must say it's by far the best radio station EVAR!

nal1200: (Newgrounds demo track description, excerpt)

A demo track for the Audio Portal's Electronic EP: Syntethica!

We are proud to present to you a demo track featuring a clip of each song submitted to Newgrounds Audio Portal project titled "Synthetica."

This project, which includes songs from 16 renown artists, is available for the purchase on iTunes, AmazonMP3, and other digital music providers for only $9.99.

Solus Lotus (SolusLunes)
nal1200 ft. Lira Yin (Liralei)
Ruqal (Quarl)
Synthetic Music Apparatus (SMA)
Jesse Valentine (F-777)
Danred (danredda)
Astrix (Astrix33)
Redmoon Deejay (Bahdshah)
We appreciate the support and all of those who continue to make our magical dreams come true! :3

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