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Around a month after the release of Homestuck Vol. 5, it was noticed that one of this artist's tracks was wholly based on an unrelated track by someone else. Said track was available as a MIDI file, which makes it quite easy to repurpose and alter existing music.

In response, they claimed that it had been an honest mistake, forgetting that this old track was derivative of someone's else work when asked to submit all the music they could for Volume 5 (this is why the album is so huge). Nevertheless they readily agreed to have all their music removed from the album and to leave the music team.

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SolusLunes has contributed ~37:33 minutes of music shared on this wiki.

Contributed music to groups: (Sorting by count.)
Contributed music to groups: (Sorting by duration.)
Synthetica (1/6/2009; 4:19)
Homestuck Vol. 5 (6/13/2010; ~21:28)
Land of Fans and Music 5 Act 2 (9/16/2023; 5:18)
References Beyond Homestuck (~6:28)


Homestuck Vol. 5
Land of Fans and Music 5 Act 2
References Beyond Homestuck
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