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Take My Song in a Completely Different Direction

album cover

album cover

Cover art by TirantBacon ( SoundCloud , SoundCloud ).
Released 1/3/2017.
Duration: ~19:56.

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  1. (0:06) Is this a chord progression? by TirantBacon
  2. (0:14) it isnt really a harmonic progression but more like a harmonized melody/ostinato by Tensei
  3. (2:49) It's Bb Major Not A# Major (Because The Song Is In D Minor) by Pipko Fanfare
  4. (0:28) The Tirant Waltz by Difarem
  5. (1:43) Just slap an accordion onto there. It'll be fine. by WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES
  6. (2:26) I Cheated By Moving Tirant's Melody One Eighth Note To The Left by Kusoro
  7. (4:00) It's 4/4 now and a different genre by Interrobang
  8. (0:42) i botched up the time signature (aka unintentional alphys) by cookiefonster
  9. (0:44) I also want to contribute by NyashAlex
  10. (0:43) this kind of works.wav by Cecily Renns
  11. (0:49) 4/4 is better :Vrasky: (aka: Wait, TENSEI made a song for this?!) by Tensei
  12. (0:19) Four Four and Seven Years Ago, or, "I didn't listen to any of the others, but apparently it was supposed to be in 3/4" by Bin
  13. (1:21) 4/4 is better i agree with tensei by ft-rj
  14. (1:41) made completely in 2017 by ft-rj
  15. (1:51) Groovin' by TirantBacon

Added to wiki 9/16/2023.

Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

AKA that time TirantBacon posted a screenshot in #team_school and everyone made their own take(s) on it

Makin: (team manager)

The name of the album is a reference to Michael Guy Bowman's ancient fan-adventure Take my life in a completely different direction.

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