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Cool and New Homestuck 3

album cover

Cover art by Makin.
Wallpaper art by Hadron hadronus SoundCloud YouTube YouTube hadronus Tumblr Hadronus Twitter Other and Makin.
Released 12/26/2016.
Duration: ~59:57.

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  1. (2:21) Spoopy Piano o-o; by bobthetacocat
  2. (0:52) XP boogie by koba and cookiefonster
  3. (0:31) i pulled out my old viola which i hadnt touched in years and did an RCT doodle because it was an emergency by cookiefonster
  4. (1:57) JHON PLAY US A DITTY by meems
  5. (0:49) Skaian Skaia of Skaia by Wheals
  6. (1:13) Vagaboing by CogentInvalid
  7. (0:40) Sweet Haunt and Hella Bass by cookiefonster and Pipko Fanfare
  8. (1:11) Harleband 2: The return of Harleband by 413
  9. (1:03) pnoy crhlae by Isoleucine
  10. (3:05) Unbreakable Unity by MrCheeze
  11. (3:08) Actually, The Plot Snaps in Place by SplitSuns
  12. (1:32) i knew you was a punk by Noisemaker and Bambosh
  13. (2:06) the worst song on the soundtrack by StarlightCalliope
  14. (2:17) Sunslammer is my music waifu by cookiefonster
  15. (0:47) AAAAAAAAAAAAA (Post-canon version) by Makin
  16. (0:34) a third goddamn countdown by cookiefonster
  17. (0:41) Despite All My Rage, I Am Still Just a Nic in a Cage by SplitSuns
  18. (0:27) ULTRA CHORALE REMIX MEDLEY by cookiefonster
  19. (1:08) Tiny Chorale by TirantBacon
  20. (1:01) Moody Nigra Shit by TirantBacon
  21. (2:38) the version we had of this was unusable and we had like one day to replace it so yazshu whipped out his kazoo and here we are by yazshu
  22. (0:31) JANE ENGAGES WITH SOME MEMES by olkiswerve
  23. (0:17) jane blast off but to the tune of we are number one but in major but with each hey being replaced with ostrichlittledungeon saying nyah but that being overlayed with voice clips from game grumps back when jontron and arin were the two grumps by StarlightCalliope
  24. (3:20) While CaNWC > Homestuck by 413
  25. (1:14) Slight Delay by 413
  26. (1:01) Homoshack Anthem by Difarem
  27. (1:29) Homoshack Anthem Chef's Cut of the Day Edition by Wheals
  28. (2:00) Please help me I am in pain by GoomFloops
  29. (9:03) 7 GRAND END by Discfortune, koba, SplitSuns, Minish, TirantBacon, StarlightCalliope, Wheals, WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES, MoreEpicThanYou747, Isoleucine, ostrichlittledungeon, Noisemaker, Rom M, Cecily Renns, cookiefonster, Pipko Fanfare, Hadron, ft-rj, and Interrobang
  30. (6:13) Revisit/Rewind by ostrichlittledungeon
  31. (4:48) Resend by Noisemaker

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(Cool and New Homestuck 3 — video playlist rescoring Homestuck flashes)

William Leonard: (Bonus Art Contributor)

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