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The Ballad of Megan Pouring

album cover

By Gordian realbillwatterson SoundCloud.
Cover art by Cloudaria.
Released 5/2/2017.
Duration: ~12:43.

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  1. (6:20) The Ballad of Megan Pouring
  2. (6:23) The Ballad of Megan Pouring (instrumental)

Added to wiki 9/16/2023.

Artist commentary:

XenoZane: (Youtube upload)


Cool and New Music Team: (Bandcamp description)

the dawn of an era.

Makin: (Unmasked)

Giving commentary about this is pretty egotistical, but I'm adding all CANMT albums to the wiki and there's no skipping this one. I was not involved with this track at all and was as surprised as you are right now when it came out. In fact, I barely know any of these people, but they somehow knew my deepest motivations.

This is a rock/soap opera musical track about my reaction to the end of Homestuck, and how visibly "salty" it made me. Memes were created around my reaction, though they were old even at the time this song was made. After Homestuck's Act 7, I found Cool and New Web Comic, which I was able to be unreasonably positive about. I guess that turn made for a good story to tell THROUGH SONG.

The rest is just a bunch of fandom nonsense.

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